XML Interface

Interface authorize.xiface

User to verify the accuracy ticker. Updates the last access to ticker.

Method of treatment

Request Format



  • siteHolder - WMID owner of a resource
  • user - WMID user
  • ticket - authorization ticket
  • urlId- Id url that was an authorized user must match the id for which a request for authentication
  • authType - method of user authentication, which returned the GateKeeper
  • userAddress - Ip address of the user, who returned the GateKeeper

Response format

<response retval="int" sval="string" lastAccess="string" expires="string" />


  • retval - Result code, 0 if the reliability of the user is confirmed. Additionally, see here
  • sval - Result code name.
  • lastAccess - UTC time of last access authorization ticket
  • expires - UTC time when the authorization will cease to be valid ticket